Textbooks by Barry C. Edwards  

Excel Companion cover
Table of Contents
    Getting Started
    1. Using Excel for Data Analysis
    2. Descriptive Statistics
    3. Creating and Transforming Variables
    4. Making Comparisons
    5. Graphing Relationships and Describing Patterns
    6. Random Assignment and Sampling
    7. Making Controlled Comparisons
    8. Foundations of Statistical Inference
    9. Hypothesis Tests with One or Two Samples
    10. Chi-Square Test and Analysis of Variance
    11. Correlation and Bivariate Regression
    12. Multiple Regression Analysis
    13. Analyzing Regression Residuals
    14. Logistic Regression
    15. Doing Your Own Political Analysis
    Appendix: Tables 1-4: Variables in the Debate Experiment, Presidential Elections, States, and World Workbooks

Ancillary Resources