About This Site  
Mission and Purpose

The Political Science Data web site helps researchers find datasets, analyze them, and share their results.

The site and its Facebook Group address an important gap in the production of political science research. Although most researchers analyze datasets to generate results, the discipline's journals only indirectly publicize data collections as they're mentioned in finished articles. We don't do enough to support ongoing data collection efforts, even though they're driving our discipline forward. If you're looking for data that addresses a specific issue, your tradition options like research librarians, academic conferences, and web searching provide too little, too infrequent, and too general information to be helpful.


The Political Science Data Group was established in 2013 by Barry Edwards, then getting his PhD at the University of Georgia. The Group has over 15,000 members worldwide. This web site was created around the same time as the Group to archive some of the resources identified by members of the group.

Back in 2013, we were excited the Group spread beyond Athens, Georgia.
Web Site Design

Using this web site should be like visiting a nice specialty bookstore where you can find what you're looking for, but also find things you didn't know you were looking for. It should be clean, uncluttered, friendly, with some nice music playing. (We don't serve coffee or tea, but are open all night).

The site allows users to browse collections by category and subfield. It also helps users make unexpected discoveries (as the site randomizes the display of some resources). The site doesn't use cookies or store any user information. It's designed for computer monitors, not mobile devices.

We try to link to content as it was intended to be viewed. We avoid creating deep links to datasets to bypass the author's site. Deep links break too often and don't respect the author's work.

Suggest a Link

Users are welcome to suggest additional resources. If you are working on a data project that may be of interest to political scientists, we would like to add a link to your site or page. Navigate to the page on this site where your link should appear and look for the "Suggest a Link" box.

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