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Learn Research Methods Terminology with Effective 5 Minute Reviews
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The Teaching Assistant program helps students review key political science terminology in different classes. Use this page to review key terms from Political Science Research Methods.
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ORIGINAL PROJECT: U.S. Presidents' Positions on Roll Call VotesPres. Cleveland's Positions:
53rd House     53rd Senate
54th House     54th Senate
QUIZ YOURSELF: What is post hoc theorizing?
Practice of changing the hypothesis and underlying theory after collecting data in order to “predict” results that are in line with the already-collected data.
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More of this: Review Research Methods
Teach Political Analysis
Theory & Concepts:
The Essentials of Political Analysis, 6th Edition. Classic introductory text, clear writing, helps students learn, great ancillaries. More info.
Companions for SPSS, Stata, Excel & R
Practice with software of choice.
MORE FOR TEACHERS: Sample Course Syllabi featuring our textbooks, varied software, with/without paper assignments
Review Terms for 5 Minutes - Pick chapters or just press play for quick study
Run Live R Demos in Browser - Excellent for online teaching
Links to More Resources for Teaching Political Analysis
Watch and Learn
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Working with Chi Distribution Functions
From Mauricio Arango (4:12)data
MORE VIDEOS: Lecture Videos for The Essentials of Political Analysis
Learn How-To Do It with Video Tutorials for R, Stata, SPSS, and Excel
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Conducting a Multiple Regression using Data Analysis Tools
Todd Grande demonstrates with example (10:14).data

Which Chapter(s) Should We Review?
Studying Politics Scientifically37 termsflashcardsquick start
Definition and Measurement of Concepts42 termsflashcardsquick start
Measuring and Describing Variables52 termsflashcardsquick start
Proposing Explanations, Framing Hypotheses, and Making Comparisons31 termsflashcardsquick start
Making Controlled Comparisons15 termsflashcardsquick start
Research Design and the Logic of Control69 termsflashcardsquick start
Conducting Your Own Political Analysis31 termsflashcardsquick start
Interviews and Surveys21 termsflashcardsquick start
Sampling28 termsflashcardsquick start
Foundations of Statistical Inference33 termsflashcardsquick start
Tests of Significance and Measures of Association45 termsflashcardsquick start
Correlation and Linear Regression41 termsflashcardsquick start
Logistic Regression17 termsflashcardsquick start

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