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Special Edition Articles with Replication Data
Information Provision, Voter Coordination, and Electoral Accountability: Evidence from Mexican Social NetworksEric Arias, +4 more authors (2019) APSR, more info.
Electoral Accountability and Particularistic Legislation: Evidence from an Electoral Reform in MexicoLucia Motolinia (2021) APSR, more info.
Violence and Business Interest in Social Welfare: Evidence from MexicoBradley E. Holland, +1 more author (2022) CPS, more info.
Militarization and Perceptions of Law Enforcement in the Developing World: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in Mexico*Gustavo Flores-Macías, +1 more author (2022) BJPS, more info.
Party Strategy, Candidate Selection, and Legislative Behavior in MexicoSergio Ascencio, +1 more author (2021) LSQ, more info.
High-Profile Criminal Violence: Why Drug Cartels Murder Government Officials and Party Candidates in MexicoGuillermo Trejo, +1 more author (2021) BJPS, more info.
Institutionalized Police Brutality: Torture, the Militarization of Security and the Reform of Inquisitorial Criminal Justice in Mexico*Beatriz Magaloni, +1 more author (2020) APSR, more info.
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Past Special Editions: Gun Violence; Russia-Ukraine War; Donald Trump
SPECIAL EDITION: The Perils and Promise of Politics in Mexico
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Racial Segregation in American Prisons: How Widespread?
Racial segregation seems to be standard practice in prison. Prisoners are assigned to cells or cell block based on their race. Separating prisoners by race is deemed necessary for safety, […]

MORE QUESTIONS: Why Did State Legislatures Give Up Power to Pick Presidential Electors?
Habeas Corpus Requirements Need Clarity

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