Calculate Ideal Points of Federal Judges

About this Program:

This program implements the Giles, Hettinger, Peppers (GHP) method of estimating ideal points of federal judges in policy space. Using DWNOM and Common Space Scores (for 75-111th Congresses) downloaded from (dated 15 Feb. 2010). Also see related tools: Calculate Circuit Court Medians Over Time, Calculate Average Service Time on US Circuit Courts, and Code Citations in Federal Court Opinion.

To use this tool, you need to provide two pieces of information: (1) the Nominating President, and (2) the State of the Nominee. Make your selections below and Submit to calculate a judge's ideal point. Note: Ideal point measurements for some Presidents, like Hoover, are not currently available and ideal point measures of such appointments should be interpreted accordingly.

Who Was Nominating President?

What State is Nominee From?

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