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dataTheory Journals
Critical Policy Studies
Early View/Latest Articles
(Taylor & Francis) Concentrates on the relation of political and policy theory to specific practices of governance. Link infodata

dataTheory Journals; Law & Courts
Law and Philosophy
Early View/Latest Articles
Work that is of common interest to individuals in the disciplines of jurisprudence and legal philosophy. Link infodata

dataTheory Journals
Political Studies Review
Early View/Latest Articles
Peer reviewed political theory journal. Link infodata

dataTheory Journals
New Political Science
Focuses on developing analyses which reflect a commitment to progressive social change as well as those which are within exploratory phases of development in political science.  Link infodata

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dataTheory Journals
Review of Politics, The
Primarily philosophical and historical studies of politics, especially those concentrating on political theory and American political thought. Link infodata