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A set of software tools for describing, assessing, and conducting empirical research.
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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
What is the normal distribution?
A symmetric, bell shaped distribution characterized by its mean, μ, and standard deviation, σ. The probability within any particular number of standard deviations of μ is the same for all normal distributions. This probability equals 0.68 within 1 standard deviation, .095 within 2 standard deviations, and 0.997 within 3 standard deviations.
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dataAmerican National Election Studies
ANES produces high quality data from its own surveys on voting, public opinion, and political participation; see Data Center for downloads
Data Sites | Surveys | Link Infodata

dataAnnual Review of Political Science
Early View/Latest Articles
Outlines major developments in field.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataMert Moral
Sabancı University, Istanbul-Turkey, see dataverse.
Authors | Comp. Politics | Link infodata

dataWorld Politics Dataverse
Data relating to articles recently published in World Politics.
Journal Archives | Link Infodata

dataMonkey Cage
Here, political scientists draw on their own expertise and the discipline's research to illuminate the news, inform civic discussion, and make some sense of the circus that is politics.
Blogs | Link Infodata

dataWorld Values Survey
The WVS consists of nationally representative surveys conducted in almost 100 countries which contain almost 90 percent of the world
Data Sites | Surveys | Link Infodata

dataCenter for Global Development Podcast
Exploring smart policies for a better world.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataPolitical Advertising on Google
To help everyone understand the ads they see online, this report from Google includes information about verified advertisers’ spending on ads related to elections.
Data Sites | Voting & Elections | Link Infodata

dataInternational Journal of Public Opinion Research
Early View/Latest Articles
A source of informed analysis and comment for both professionals and academics.
Poli Sci Journals | Surveys | Link Infodata

dataR Package Documentation
A comprehensive index of R packages and documentation, tools to run code online and embed samples.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
What is a convenience sample?
a nonprobability sample in which the selection of the elements is determined by the researcher's convenience
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dataJournal of Experimental Criminology
Early View/Latest Articles
focuses on high quality experimental and quasi-experimental research in the development of evidence based crime and justice policy
Poli Sci Journals | Law & Courts | Link Infodata

dataUnderstanding Latin American Politics
Greg Weeks looks at the current political situation in Latin America and tries to make sense of it along with the help of experts on Latin American politics.
Podcasts | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataChicago Booth Review
Needs description
Blogs | Link Infodata

dataTom Clark
Emory Univ., see dataverse.
Authors | Law & Courts | Link infodata

dataWorld Inequality Database
Aims to provide open and convenient access to the most extensive available database on the historical evolution of the world distribution of income and wealth
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataStatistics with R
pop-out player
Full course in advanced undergraduate statistics taught at Emory University by Courtney Brown.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataQualitative Data Repository
QDR selects, ingests, curates, archives, manages, durably preserves, and provides access to digital data used in qualitative and multi-method social inquiry.
Data Sites | Link Infodata

dataSupreme Court Citation Network Data
This page contains links to two sets of data on citations in the U.S. Supreme Court from the U.S. Reports.
Data Sites | Law & Courts | Link Infodata

dataInternational Interactions Replication Data
Replication data, beginning with volume 36, issue 2 of 2010, current through at least 2018.
Journal Archives | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataAwake - Tycho
Full album
Web Site Soundtrack | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
What is logged likelihood?
The natural log of likelihood. MLE models generally maximize the sum of logged likelihoods rather the product of probabilities for computational reasons.
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dataNonviolent and Violent Campaigns and Outcomes (NAVCO) Data Project
A multi-level data collection effort that catalogues major nonviolent and violent resistance campaigns around the globe from 1900-2013.
Data Sites | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataICPSR Web Site
ICPSR maintains a data archive of more than 500,000 files of research in the social sciences, great place to start. Browse by topic.
Data Sites | Link Infodata

dataDemocracy Works Podcast
A broad look at issues impacting democracy.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataPublic Religion Research Institute
A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to conducting independent research at the intersection of religion, culture, and public policy.
Data Sites | Surveys | Link infodata

dataPolitical Quarterly
dedicated to political and social reform and has long acted as a conduit between policy-makers, commentators and academics
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataJose A Cheibub
Needs description
Authors | Link Infodata

Early View/Latest Articles
Original research articles that advance debates in politics and international studies and/or challenge boundaries within the field.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Information Technology and Politics
Replication for some articles in years 2008-2012. JITP home page.
Journal Archives | Link Infodata

Free online math tools for graphing, geometry, 3D, and more.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataConversation: Politics + Society Section
Posts by academic authors edited for internet readers.
Blogs | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to American Government
What is the Department of Transportation?
The Georgia DOT Board sets priorities for and oversees road construction projects. The legislature appoints Board members. Caucuses representing each of the state's congressional districts elect one board member.
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dataJohan A. Elkink
School of Politics and International Relations
Authors | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataGlobal Media Freedom Dataset
Data on the evolution and devolution of media freedom in individual countries.
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataPolitical Communication
Early View/Latest Articles
Features research at the intersection of politics and communication.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataGESIS: Data Archive for the Social Sciences
national and international comparative surveys from the fields of social and political science research
Data Sites | Surveys | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Conflict Resolution
Early View/Latest Articles
Links to replication data in tables of contents.
Journal Archives | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataSocial Media & Politics
A popular science podcast bringing you first-hand insights into how social media is changing the political game.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataLindsay Mayka's YouTube Channel
Collection of short videos for undergrad poli sci methods course.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataData on Governance
From Peace Research Institute Oslo.
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataDuck of Minerva
Addresses world politics from an academic perspective.
Blogs | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataSwirl Stats
Teaches you R programming and data science interactively, at your own pace, and right in the R console
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

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