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R - Learning By Example
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dataR - Learning By Example
Materials from Dave Armstrong's three-day ICPSR course.
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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
What is a juvenile?
Not yet an adult for the purposes of the criminal law.
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dataCalifornia Redistricting Database
Responsible for collecting and processing data for California's decennial redistricting.
Data Sites | Am. Politics | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Public Policy
Applies social science theories and concepts to significant political, economic and social issues and to the ways in which public policies are made.
Public Policy Journals | Link Infodata

dataAlex Weisiger
Univ. of Pennsylvania, see dataverse
Authors | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Peace Research
Access to the datasets used by authors of articles appearing in Journal of Peace Research since 1998.
Journal Archives | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataWar on the Rocks
A platform for analysis, commentary, debate and multimedia content on foreign policy and national security issues through a realist lens.
Blogs | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataFragile States Index
A ranking of 178 countries across 12 indicators of the risks and vulnerabilities faced by individual nations, see data.
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataRights Track, The
Gets the hard facts about the human rights challenges facing the world today and aims to get our thinking about human rights on the right track.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataAfrican Development Bank Group Data Portal
Access to information on lending projects from 1967 up to now, the dataset includes basic information such as the project title and ID, country, sector, task manager but also, financial information, results and linksD, country, sector, task manager to publicly disclosed documents.
Data Sites | African Politics | Link Infodata

dataPolitical Analysis
Early View/Latest Articles
Academic journal featuring new ideas for the empirical analysis of politics.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataGrafiti: Search Engine for Charts
Helps you search, discover & share charts from top publishers.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: American Constitutional Law
What did the Supreme Court hold in Trump v. Hawaii (2018)?
The president lawfully exercised the power granted to him by a federal law when he suspended the entry of certain aliens into the United States. The president's decision to use power granted by the statute entitled to deference and rational basis review.
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dataPolitics & Policy
Early View/Latest Articles
Peer-reviewed journal of original research of an international, comparative nature as it applies to public policy and its political implications.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataCenter for Global Development Podcast
Exploring smart policies for a better world.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataSaideman's Semi-Spew
Wide ranging thoughts on international relations, ethnic conflict, civil-military relations, academia, and politics from Stephen Saideman.
Blogs | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataKuniaki Nemoto
Musashi University, see data page for Korean and New Zealand election data.
Authors | Voting & Elections | Link Infodata

dataPublic Religion Research Institute
A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to conducting independent research at the intersection of religion, culture, and public policy.
Data Sites | Surveys | Link infodata

dataData Analytics
From Mark Gardener, resources for data analysis and especially in the use of R
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataParty Politics
Early View/Latest Articles
(Sage Journals) Forum for the analysis of political parties.
Poli Sci Journals | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataHuman Rights Data Analysis Group
A non-profit, non-partisan organization that applies rigorous science to the analysis of human rights violations around the world.
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Politics Dataverse
For articles published since 2015.
Journal Archives | Link Infodata

dataMatthew Blackwell
Needs description
Authors | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to American Government
What is affirmative action?
Efforts to redress previous discrimination against women and minorities with the purpose of refining general law passed in legislation.
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dataAustrian National Election Study
Comprehensive social science analysis of Austrian national elections.
Data Sites | European Politics | Link Infodata

dataEuropean Data Center for Work and Welfare
Guide to data on working conditions, vulnerability, poverty and living conditions
Data Sites | European Politics | Link Infodata

dataSocial Media & Politics
A popular science podcast bringing you first-hand insights into how social media is changing the political game.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataMembers of the European Parliament Survey Data
The data allow for comparison of MEPs' views with those of the EU public, European Parliament candidates, and members of national and regional parliaments in Europe.
Data Sites | European Politics | Link Infodata

dataCenter for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan
Founded in 1962, encourages the creation of learning environments in which diverse students can learn and excel.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataJanet Box-Steffensmeier
Ohio State University, see dataverse.
Authors | Am. Politics | Link Infodata

dataEuropean Political Science Review
Early View/Latest Articles
EPSR is wide-ranging, broad-minded and embraces all the key themes and approaches of the discipline and it is not restricted to any particular methodology or regional focus.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataInternational Interactions Replication Data
Replication data, beginning with volume 36, issue 2 of 2010, current through at least 2018.
Journal Archives | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataReal Statistics Using Excel
A practical guide for how to do statistical analysis in Excel plus free statistics software which extends Excel's built-in statistical capabilities.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataAsian Security Blog
From Robert Kelly
Blogs | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
What is fact pleading?
English system of civil procedures that required a high degree of specificity in the facts stated in the complaint. Used in one or two states.
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dataAljaz Kuncic
University of Ljubljana
Authors | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataInstitute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance Datasets
Measured related to sustainable democracy worldwide
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataPolitics, Groups, and Identities
scholarship on social groups, exploring the politics of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, class and other dimensions of identity and structural disadvantage
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataCorruption Perceptions Index
Transparency International scores countries on how corrupt their public sectors are seen to be.
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataWorld Politics Dataverse
Data relating to articles recently published in World Politics.
Journal Archives | Link Infodata

dataAcademic and the Activist, The
Explores political science through the lens of an Academic and an Activist.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataEconometrics Course Videos
pop-out player
A full course at undergraduate level in short, blackboard videos by Ben Lambert (part 1 of 2).
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

Law & Legal Information for Lawyers, Students, Business and the Public.
Legal Research | Link Infodata

dataJEPP Online
Official blog of the Journal of European Public Policy.
Blogs | European Politics | Link Infodata

dataMelon - Spring
Ambient electronic (10:13)
Web Site Soundtrack | Link Infodata

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