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Greifswald Comparative Politics
See projects and datasetsdata
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What is the Privileges and Immunities Clause?
The clause in Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment stipulating that ''no State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.''
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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to Am. Gov't
World Treaty Index (WTI)
The WTI seeks to create a comprehensive database of all known bilateral and multilateral treaties formed throughout the 20th century.data
dataData Sites | Int'l Relationslink info
Democracy Audit
Independent organisation based at the LSE for research into the quality and effectiveness of UK democracy.data
dataBlogs | European Politicslink info
Matthew McCubbins
Duke University, see replication data.data
dataAuthors | Am. Politicslink info
Am. Political Science Rev. Dataverse
Replication datasets for articles published in APSRdata
dataJournal Archiveslink info
Governance for Development
From the World Bank.data
dataBlogs | Comp. Politicslink info
Datorium from GESIS
A data repository service for the social science and economic science research community from GESIS and the Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
Center for Global Development Podcast
Exploring smart policies for a better world.data
dataPodcastslink info
Digital Society Project
Aims to answer some of the most important questions about the internet and politics, the DSP dataset is the product of a global survey of hundreds of country and area experts.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
Social Politics
the journal for incisive analyses of gender, politics and policy across the globedata
dataPoli Sci Journalslink info
Statistical Analysis Tutorial Videos
Mike Crowson's YouTube channel covers statistical concepts and procedures, demonstrates how to carry out quantitative data analyses using various statistical platforms.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info
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What is bleaching (in politics)?
When a state like Georgia create majority African American districts, the proportion of white voters in adjacent districts increases. Because neighboring districts become ''whiter'' this process is called bleaching.
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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to Am. Gov't
Research and Politics
This journal focuses on short (4,000 word) articles that are easily accessible but that are also methodologically rigorousdata
dataPoli Sci Journalslink info
Online Peace Science Colloquium
Advanced manuscripts to discussed online by prominent members of the field (live and archived).data
dataPodcastslink info
Political Science Now
American Political Science Association blog covering people, research and news in political science.data
dataBlogslink info
Ryan C. Maness
Naval Postgraduate School, see cyber conflict dataset.data
dataAuthorslink info
Political Constraint Index (POLCON)
Dataset by Witold Henisz at Whartondata
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
Practical Exemplars on the Analysis of Surveys (PEAS)
Aims to help social researchers analyze complex surveys.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info
Pew Global Attitudes Surveys
Organized by survey, each dataset is identified by the name of the survey.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
EEOC Litigation Project
Data on federal court litigation brought from fiscal years 1997 to 2006, inclusive, by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.data
dataData Sites | Law & Courtslink info
World Politics Dataverse
Data relating to articles recently published in World Politics.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info
World Values Survey
The WVS seeks to help scientists and policy makers understand changes in the beliefs, values and motivations of people throughout the world. See data and documentation.data
dataData Sites | Surveyslink info
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What is a case study design?
A comprehensive and in-depth study of a single case or several cases. A non-experimental design in which the investigator has little control over events.
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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
World Press Freedom Index
From Reporters Without Bordersdata
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
Explaining Terrorist and Insurgent Behavior
An ongoing research project about terrorist and insurgent behavior featuring several datasets.data
dataData Sites | Int'l Relationslink info
Understanding Latin American Politics
Greg Weeks looks at the current political situation in Latin America and tries to make sense of it along with the help of experts on Latin American politics. data
dataPodcasts | Comp. Politicslink info
New Books in Political Science
Interviews with political scientists about their new books.data
dataPodcastslink info
Vetoes by U.S. Presidents, 1789-present
From the U.S. Senate librarydata
dataData Sites | Am. Politicslink info
K. Chad Clay
University of Georgia, see research.data
dataAuthors | Int'l Relationslink info
State Politics & Policy Quarterly
Early View/Latest Articles
The official publication of the State Politics and Policy Section of the American Political Science Associationdata
dataPoli Sci Journals | Am. Politicslink info
Journal of Conflict Resolution
Early View/Latest Articles
Links to replication data in tables of contents.data
dataJournal Archives | Int'l Relationslink info
Statistics and Probability Course
From Khan Academy, adapts to your level and tracks your progressdata
dataTeaching Resourceslink info
USAPP - American Politics and Policy
From the London School of Economicsdata
dataBlogs | Am. Politicslink info
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What was the Era of Good Feelings?
The years from 1817 to 1825, when James Monroe was president and had, in effect, no political opposition.
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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to Am. Gov't
Chris Blattman
Harris School of Public Policy at the Univ. of Chicago, see datasets on research page.data
dataAuthors | Comp. Politicslink info
World Database of Happiness
Archive of research findings on subjective enjoyment of lifedata
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
American Journal of Political Science
Early View/Latest Articles
Published on behalf of the Midwest Political Science Association.data
dataPoli Sci Journalslink info
Australian Election Study
Aims to provide a long-term perspective on stability and change in the political attitudes and behaviour of the Australian electorate.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
Foreign Policy Analysis Dataverse
Replication datasets for articles beginning in 2016.data
dataJournal Archives | Int'l Relationslink info
The Political Theory Review
Conversations with scholars on recent books in Political Theory and Social and Political Philosophy.data
dataPodcastslink info
Show Me Shiney
A gallery of interactive R web apps.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info
Party Politics
Early View/Latest Articles
(Sage Journals) Forum for the analysis of political parties.data
dataPoli Sci Journals | Comp. Politicslink info
JEPP Online
Official blog of the Journal of European Public Policy.data
dataBlogs | European Politicslink info
Index of African Governance
From the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.data
dataData Sites | African Politicslink info
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