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Voteview (UCLA)
Allows users to view every congressional roll call vote in American history on a map of the United States and on a liberal-conservative ideological map.data
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What is an inverse relationship?
relationship that goes in a negative direction (ex: rise in age and decrease in likelihood of supporting gay marriage)
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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD)
Archives and disseminates data on crime and justice for secondary analysis. The archive contains data from over 2,700 curated studies or statistical data series.data
dataData Sites | Law & Courtslink info
Autograf - Dream
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pop out (Original Mix)data
dataIt's Better with Musiclink info
Chris Blattman
Harris School of Public Policy at the Univ. of Chicago, see datasets on research page.data
dataAuthors | Comp. Politicslink info
J. of Experimental Poli. Sci. Dataverse
Contains replication data and other relevant files for articles published in the journal.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info
War, Numbers and Human Losses
Thoughts on quantitative research on war from Mike Spagat.data
dataBlogslink info
Global Parliamentary Report
Data on the structure, members, budget, staff, committees and sitting days of the world's parliaments.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
Understanding Latin American Politics
Greg Weeks looks at the current political situation in Latin America and tries to make sense of it along with the help of experts on Latin American politics. data
dataPodcasts | Comp. Politicslink info
Charles Stewart's Congress Data Page
Great resource on Congressional Committeesdata
dataData Sites | Am. Politicslink info
Ratio Juris
Early View/Latest Articles
A leading international journal of philosophy of law and general jurisprudence.data
dataPoli Sci Journals | Law & Courtslink info
Swirl Stats
Teaches you R programming and data science interactively, at your own pace, and right in the R consoledata
dataTeaching Resourceslink info
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What is an estimator?
a statistic based on sample observations that is used to estimate the numerical value of an unknown population parameter
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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
Review of Political Economy
Peer-reviewed journal welcoming constructive and critical contributions in all areas of political economy.data
dataPoli Sci Journalslink info
Politics Guys, The
Weekly podcasts from Michael Baranowski, Jay Carson, Trey Orndorff, Will Miller, Kristin Matheny, and Ken Katkin.data
dataPodcasts | Am. Politicslink info
Party Systems & Governments Observatory Blog
Analysis of recent European elections.data
dataBlogs | European Politicslink info
Sona N. Golder
Penn. State Univ., see research pagedata
dataAuthors | Comp. Politicslink info
World Inequality Database
Aims to provide open and convenient access to the most extensive available database on the historical evolution of the world distribution of income and wealthdata
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
CRAN Task View: Teaching Statistics
Information about R packages that assist with the teaching of statistics.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info
Georgia Bar Journal
From State Bar of Georgia.data
dataLegal Researchlink info
United Nations Statistics Division
Compiles and disseminates global statistical informationdata
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
Am. Political Science Rev. Dataverse
Replication datasets for articles published in APSRdata
dataJournal Archiveslink info
State Laws Listed by State
From Cornell LII.data
dataLegal Researchlink info
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What is an error (a legal error)?
Mistake made by a judge in the procedures used at trial or in legal rulings during the trial that allows one side in a lawsuit to ask a higher court to review the case.
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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process
MIT Election Lab
Supports advances in election science by collecting, analyzing, and sharing core data and findings.data
dataData Sites | Voting & Electionslink info
Penn World Table
database with information on relative levels of income, output, input and productivity, covering 182 countries between 1950 and 2014data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info
Congress, Two Beers In
Government Affairs Institute's Senior Fellows discuss current congressional politics.data
dataPodcasts | Am. Politicslink info
Bernard Fleischmann - Broken Monitors
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dataIt's Better with Musiclink info
NC Center for Public Policy Research
Publishes among other things, legislator and lobbyist effectiveness rankings.data
dataData Sites | Am. Politicslink info
Carl Klarner
See datasets.data
dataAuthors | Am. Politicslink info
Professionally informed commentary on issues affecting contemporary American politics.data
dataPoli Sci Journals | Am. Politicslink info
International Interactions Dataverse
Replication data, beginning with volume 36, issue 2 of 2010, current through at least 2018.data
dataJournal Archives | Int'l Relationslink info
A set of software tools for describing, assessing, and conducting empirical research.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info
United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research addresses political and economic development issuesdata
dataBlogs | Comp. Politicslink info
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What is a moralist foreign policy?
A foreign policy based on values and moral beliefs.
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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to Am. Gov't
Aila M. Matanock
Univ. of California, Berkeley, find replication data on research pagedata
dataAuthors | Int'l Relationslink info
Global Indicators Database
Compilation of Pew Research's public opinion surveys from around the world on a broad array of subjects ranging from people's lives to views about the current state of the world.data
dataData Sites | Surveyslink info
African Affairs
Published on behalf of the Royal African Society, the top ranked journal in African Studies, an inter-disciplinary journal with a focus on the politics and international relations of sub-Saharan Africa. data
dataPoli Sci Journals | African Politicslink info
Swedish National Election Studies
Aims to explain why people vote as they do and why an election ends in a particular way. See data page.data
dataData Sites | European Politicslink info
Journal of Politics Dataverse
For articles published since 2015.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info
A Few Reasonable Words
Podcast. A podcast from three professors trying desperately to soothe the frayed nerves of the American public with the comforting balm of political science.data
dataPodcasts | Am. Politicslink info
Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan
Founded in 1962, encourages the creation of learning environments in which diverse students can learn and excel.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info
Light Through The Veins
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pop out By Jon Hopkinsdata
dataIt's Better with Musiclink info
Governance for Development
From the World Bank.data
dataBlogs | Comp. Politicslink info
Space Travel Radio
Exploration of sound for Star Citizens.data
dataIt's Better with Musiclink info
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