publicationMy Publications
Why Appeals Courts Rarely Reverse Lower Courts: An Experimental Study to Explore Affirmation Bias
Emory Law Journal (2019).

publicationMy Publications
Institutional Control of Redistricting and the Geography of Representation (with Michael Crespin, Ryan Williamson, and Maxwell Palmer)
The Journal of Politics (2017).

publicationMy Publications
An R Companion to Political Analysis, 2nd Edition (with Philip H. Pollock)
CQ Press, An Imprint of Sage Publishing (2017).

publicationMy Publications
Unfulfilled Promise: Laboratory Experiments in Public Management Research
Public Management Review (2014).
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  • publicationMy Publications
    Putting Hoover on the Map: Was the 31st President a Progressive?
    Congress & the Presidency.

    publicationMy Publications
    Comprehensive Arbitration of Domestic Relations Cases in Georgia
    Georgia Bar Journal.

    publicationMy Publications
    A Stata Companion to Political Analysis, 4th Edition (with Philip H. Pollock)
    CQ Press, An Imprint of Sage Publishing (2019)

    publicationMy Publications
    Formal Authority, Persuasive Power, and Effectiveness in State Legislatures
    State Politics & Policy Quarterly (2018)

    publicationMy Publications
    Does the Presidency Moderate the President?
    Presidential Studies Quarterly (2017).

    publicationMy Publications
    Alphabetically Ordered Ballots and the Composition of U.S. Legislatures
    State Politics & Policy Quarterly (2015).

    publicationMy Publications
    Chapter in Inequality, Access to the Courts, and Judicial Integrity
    In International Human Rights and Justice, Ed. Doug Hodgson. Nova Publishers (2016).

    publicationMy Publications
    Renovating the Multi-Door Courthouse: Designing Trial Court Dispute Resolution Systems to Improve Results and Control Costs
    Harvard Negotiation Law Review (2013).

    publicationMy Publications
    The Voting Behavior of President Obama's Appointees on the U.S. Courts of Appeals
    Judicature (2013).

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    Dept. of Political Science
    Univ. of Central Florida

    4207 Andromeda Loop North
    Howard Phillips Hall, Room 311A
    Orlando, FL 32816-1356
    Ph. 407-823-2608
    Fax 407-823-0051
    My Curriculum Vitae
    barry.edwards @ ufc.edu

    researchResearch Interests
    • American Politics (esp. Presidents & Elections)
    • Law and Courts
    • Research Methods

    publicationMy Publications
    Redistricting and Individual Contributions to Congressional Candidates
    Political Research Quarterly (2016).

    publicationMy Publications
    Can Independent Redistricting Commissions Lead Us Out of the Political Thicket?
    Albany Government Law Review (2016).

    publicationMy Publications
    Race, Ethnicity, and Alphabetically Ordered Ballots
    Election Law Journal (2014).

    publicationMy Publications
    Formulating Voting Rights Act Remedies to Address Current Conditions
    American Politics Research.

    Projects in Development (last updated: 3/21/2019)
    Project Title:Status:
    The Essentials of Political Analysis, Sixth Edition (with Philip Pollock III)Copyediting
    An SPSS Companion to Political Analysis, Sixth Edition (with Philip Pollock III)Reviewing page proofs
    Evaluating Veterans Courts (with Raymond Hinosa and Komysha Hassan)Forthcoming in NYU Journal of Legislation & Public Policy
    Polarization of the U.S. PresidencyWorking paper
    Scientific Analysis of Trial ErrorsWork in progress
    Excluding New Residents from Juries Denies Defendants Fair TrialsWork in progress
    George Washington and the Siren Song of Political FactionsWork in progress
    Latino Judges on the US Circuit Courts (with Susan Haire, David Hughes, and Phil Marcin)Working paper
    Another Door at the Courthouse: Political Science Research on Alternative Dispute ResolutionWorking paper
    Decision Making of Senior Status Federal Judges (with Susan Haire, UGA)Working paper
    Public Values, Political Participation, and the Study of Public Administration (with Derrick Anderson, Arizona State)Work in progress
    The Battle Over School Desegregation and the Attitudinal Model of Judging on the US Circuit Courts of AppealsWork in progress