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lawLaw, Courts & Justice
US Circuit Courts Data
This is a collaborative research project to analyze a representative sample of US Circuit Courts of Appeals opinions issued between 2010 and 2016.
Conduct cross-tabulation analysis of sample of cases decided 2003-2010.

dataJournal Replication Data; American Politics
State Politics & Policy Quarterly Dataverse
Growing collection of replication datasets, as early as 2013.data

dataStatistical Data Collections; Public Opinion Surveys
World Values Survey
The WVS consists of nationally representative surveys conducted in almost 100 countries which contain almost 90 percent of the worlddata

ampolAmerican Politics
James Garfield's Positions on Roll Call Votes
47th: House Senate
More Presidents' Roll Call Positions

dataAuthor Replication Data; American Politics
Dan Wood's Replication Data
Texas A & M, replication data for his books.data

dataStatistical Data Collections; Comparative Politics
European Data Center for Work and Welfare
Guide to data on working conditions, vulnerability, poverty and living conditionsdata


dataAuthor Replication Data; International Relations
Paul R. Hensel
University of North Texas, great topical guides to IR data, see his data page.data

dataStatistical Data Collections; Comparative Politics
British Election Study
Long term studies of Britain's electoral behaviour.data

publicationMy Publications
The Essentials of Political Analysis, 6th Edition (with Philip H. Pollock)
Forthcoming from CQ Press, An Imprint of Sage Publishing (2019)


dataWeb Site Soundtrack
Decoder - Kodomo
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dataPolitical Science Journals
Social Politics
the journal for incisive analyses of gender, politics and policy across the globedata

dataTeaching Resources
R Graph Gallery
Hundreds of distinctive graphics made with the R programming language, always with the reproducible code snippet available.data