What is by-product participation?A political activity conducted by groups whose principal organizational purpose is the pursuit of some nonpolitical goal.
What is an political entrepreneur?A leading group participant who is so committed to the group's goals, and/or so skilled in the pursuit of that goal, that he or she does not need selective interests.
What is inside lobbying?Activities by lobbyists and interest group leaders that involve direct contact with policy makers.
What is an interest group?Any group, other than a political party, that is organized to influence the government.

What is a latent interest?A concern shared by a group of people on which they have not yet chosen to act collectively.
What is lobbying?An attempt to influence public officials by speaking to them directly or by pressuring them through their constituents.
What is outside lobbying?Activities by interest group leaders that seek to mobilize constituents and others outside the policy making community to contact or pressure policy makers.
Define pluralism.A view of the American political system that emphasizes the fact that a large number of diverse interest groups are involved in the political process, and that any given group may be influential on some occasions and not on others.

What is a selective incentive?A benefit that a group can offer to potential members in exchange for participation, as a way of encouraging that involvement.
What is a social movement?A loose coalition of groups and organizations with common goals that are oriented toward using mass action to influence the government.
What is a special donor?A potential participant in a group for whom the cost of participating is very low and/or the benefits of participating are very high.
What is a boycott?A form of pressure or protest

What is climate control (in politics)?The use of public relations techniques to create favorable public opinion toward an interest group, industry, or corporation.
What is direct technique (in politics)?An interest group activity that involves interaction with government officials to further the group
What is the free rider problem?The difficulty interest groups face in recruiting members when the benefits they achieve can be gained without joining the group.
What is the indirect technique (in politics)?A strategy employed by interest groups that uses third parties to influence government officials.

What is the labor movement?Generally, the economic and political expression of working-class interests; politically, the organization of working-class interests.
What is a lobbyist?An organization or individual who attempts to influence legislation and the administrative decisions of government.
What is a material incentive?A reason or motive for supporting or participating in the activities of a group based on economic benefits or opportunities.
What is the public interest?The best interests of the overall community; the national good, rather than the narrow interests of a particular group.

What is a purposive/moral incentive?A reason for supporting or participating in the activities of a group based on agreement with the goals of the group. For example, someone with a strong interest in human rights might have a purposive incentive to join Amnesty International.
What is the service sector?The sector of the economy that provides services
What is a solidary incentive?A reason or motive for supporting or participating in the activities of a group based on the desire to associate with others and to share with others a particular interest or hobby.
What is grassroots Lobbying?Lobbying conducted by rank-and-file members of an interest group.

What is a public interest lobby?A group that promotes some conception of the public interest rather than the narrowly defined economic or other special interests of its members.