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Pennsylvania Policy Database
A free, online resource that provides access to more than 200,000 state and news media records, enables users to trace and analyze the history of public policy in the Commonwealth since 1979.data
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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
What is evidence?
All types of information presented at a trial or other hearing.
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Political Terror Scale
Measures levels of political violence and terror that a country experiences in a particular year based on a 5-level "terror scale" originally developed by Freedom House, see data page.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info

Find Cases and Codes
From FindLaw.data
dataLegal Researchlink info

James Druckman
Northwestern University, see replication data on publications page.data
dataAuthors | Am. Politicslink info

Journal of Conflict Resolution
Early View/Latest Articles
Links to replication data in tables of contents.data
dataJournal Archives | Int'l Relationslink info

Rev. of African Political Econ. Blog
Short articles to highlight developments on the continent and comment on the dynamics of protest, shifting patterns of political economy and issues of historical concern.data
dataBlogs | African Politicslink info

Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT)
Aims to track and compare government responses to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide rigorously and consistently.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info

Rights Track, The
Gets the hard facts about the human rights challenges facing the world today and aims to get our thinking about human rights on the right track.data
dataPodcastslink info

Michael L. Ross
dataAuthors | Comp. Politicslink info

California Journal of Politics and Policy
Online journal of original scholarship, cutting edge research, and informed commentary regarding all aspects of national, state, and local government, electoral politics, and public policy formation and implementationdata
dataPoli Sci Journals | Am. Politicslink info

Helipad Codex
Agent-based modeling in Python.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info

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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
Define range (of a variable)
Measure of variability of data, determined by subtracting the minimum value from the maximum value.
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Environmental Politics
International, inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal for original research on environmental politics.data
dataPoli Sci Journalslink info

Talking Politics
Weekly podcast from David Runciman of Cambridge Univ.data
dataPodcastslink info

Marginal Revolution
By Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrokdata
dataBlogslink info

Efe Tokdemir
Bilkent Universitydata
dataAuthors | Int'l Relationslink info

Zenobo - Open Access Data Repository
Not limited to political science data, try keywork searching or communities to find relevant datasetsdata
dataData Siteslink info

Visions in Methodology
Designed to support women who study political methodology.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info

War on the Rocks
A platform for analysis, commentary, debate and multimedia content on foreign policy and national security issues through a realist lens.data
dataBlogs | Int'l Relationslink info

EU Open Data Portal
Provides access to an expanding range of data from the European Union (EU) institutions and other EU bodies.data
dataData Sites | European Politicslink info

International Interactions Dataverse
Replication data, beginning with volume 36, issue 2 of 2010, current through at least 2018.data
dataJournal Archives | Int'l Relationslink info

Free Legal Advice: Legal Questions, Answers and Research on LawGuru.comdata
dataLegal Researchlink info

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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
Define impeach
To question the truthfulness of a witness
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Longitudinal Study of American Life
A national study on the thinking and life experiences of Generation X.data
dataData Sites | Surveyslink info

Electoral System Family Map App
Interactive Shiny app shows world map and frequencies of electoral system by decade.data
dataData Sites | Voting & Electionslink info

Ufahamu Africa
Life and politics on the continent.data
dataPodcasts | African Politicslink info

Tycho - Dive
thumbnail preview
pop out Full albumdata
dataBetter with Musiclink info

Politics & Policy
Early View/Latest Articles
Peer-reviewed journal of original research of an international, comparative nature as it applies to public policy and its political implications.data
dataPoli Sci Journalslink info

Jowei Chen
University of Michigandata
dataAuthors | Am. Politicslink info

Journal of Political Science Education
Early View/Latest Articles
focuses on teaching and learning about politicsdata
dataPoli Sci Journalslink info

World Politics Dataverse
Data relating to articles recently published in World Politics.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info

A multi-agent programmable modeling environment. Site contains instructions, examples, see NetLogo Web to run examples online.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info

Michigan Policy Wonk Blog
Publicizes research relevant to state policymakersdata
dataBlogs | Am. Politicslink info

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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
What is bankruptcy?
Legal procedure under federal law by which a person is relieved of all debts after placing all property under the court
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Kristin Kanthak
University of Pittsburgh, see replication data page.data
dataAuthors | Am. Politicslink info

Supreme Court Citation Network Data
This page contains links to two sets of data on citations in the U.S. Supreme Court from the U.S. Reports.data
dataData Sites | Law & Courtslink info

Journal of Common Market Studies
Innovative peer-reviewed research on Europe and comparative regional studies.data
dataPoli Sci Journals | European Politicslink info

African Dev. Bank Group Data Portal
Access to information on lending projects from 1967 up to now, the dataset includes basic information such as the project title and ID, country, sector, task manager but also, financial information, results and linksD, country, sector, task manager to publicly disclosed documents.data
dataData Sites | African Politicslink info

Journal of Politics Dataverse
For articles published since 2015.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info

Social Media & Politics
A popular science podcast bringing you first-hand insights into how social media is changing the political game.data
dataPodcastslink info

R Studio's Online Learning Resources
Tutorials, articles, and examples exist to help you learn R and its extensions.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info

U.S. Foreign Aid Explorer
A multi-dimensional picture of U.S. foreign assistance, see data page.data
dataData Sites | Int'l Relationslink info

British Politics and Policy
From the London School of Economics.data
dataBlogs | European Politicslink info

Robert J Franzese Jr.
University of Michigan, see replication files on publications page.data
dataAuthors | Comp. Politicslink info

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