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Mexican Political Pamphlets, 1808-1832
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dataMexican Political Pamphlets, 1808-1832
An archival source for the study of the political, social and cultural aspects of the independence movement in Mexico, from the Univ. of Toronto.
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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to American Government
What is a federal mandate?
A requirement in federal legislation that forces states and municipalities to comply with certain rules.
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dataNew Nation Votes, A
Searchable collection of election returns from the earliest years of American democracy.
Data Sites | Am. Politics | Link Infodata

dataFreedom House
Produces data on a number of core thematic issues related to democracy, political rights and civil liberties.
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataPeter Van der Windt
NYU - Abu Dhabi
Authors | African Politics | Link Infodata

dataState Politics & Policy Quarterly Dataverse
Growing collection of replication datasets, as early as 2013.
Journal Archives | Am. Politics | Link Infodata

dataWar, Numbers and Human Losses
Thoughts on quantitative research on war from Mike Spagat.
Blogs | Link Infodata

dataEuropean Quality of Life Survey
Carried out every four years, this unique, pan-European survey examines both the objective circumstances of European citizens' lives and how they feel about those circumstances and their lives in general.
Data Sites | European Politics | Link Infodata

dataPolitics Guys, The
Weekly podcasts from Michael Baranowski, Jay Carson, Trey Orndorff, Will Miller, Kristin Matheny, and Ken Katkin.
Podcasts | Am. Politics | Link Infodata

dataBallpark, The
LSE US Centre's regular online audio show on US politics, policy, and research.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataPresidential Studies Quarterly
Early View/Latest Articles
Peer-reviewed political science journal devoted to study of presidents and presidency.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataDartistics: Digital Analytics with R and staTISTICS
A resource for digital analysts who are interested in learning or expanding their knowledge of R and statistics.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
What is sociological jurisprudence?
Social theory of law, founded by Roscoe Pound, that stresses studying ''law in action'' rather than viewing law as a closed, self-sufficient body of rules.
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dataCrime, Law and Social Change
Early View/Latest Articles
peer reviewed journal that publishes essays and reviews addressing the political economy of organized crime whether at the transnational, national, regional or local levels anywhere in the world
Poli Sci Journals | Law & Courts | Link Infodata

dataCenter for Global Development Podcast
Exploring smart policies for a better world.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataMonkey Cage
Here, political scientists draw on their own expertise and the discipline's research to illuminate the news, inform civic discussion, and make some sense of the circus that is politics.
Blogs | Link Infodata

dataD. Scott Bennett
Penn State, datasets page
Authors | Int'l Relations | Link infodata

allows you to research and compare a multitude of different data on US states based on different variables
Data Sites | Am. Politics | Link Infodata

dataIntroduction to Empirical Legal Research
Web site for book by Andrew Martin and Lee Epstein, includes datasets for exercises.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataVetoes by U.S. Presidents, 1789-present
From the U.S. Senate library
Data Sites | Am. Politics | Link Infodata

dataEconomics of National Security: Data Set Index
Thorough document from Professor Martin Feldstein, compiled by Brandon Kaplowitz.
Data Sites | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Politics Dataverse
For articles published since 2015.
Journal Archives | Link Infodata

dataGlobal Restrictions on Religion
Measures level of government restrictions on religion and social hostilities involving religion around the world, 2007-2016.
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
What are the mean and standard error of y?
Consider a random sample of size n from a population having mean μ and standard error σ. The sampling distribution of y gives the probabilities for the possible values of y. It has mean μ and standard error σy = σ/sqrt(n).
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dataMendeley Data
An open, free-to-use, searchable research data repository, which enables researchers to make their research data publicly available.
Data Sites | Link Infodata

dataInstitutions and Elections Project
contains information on de jure institutional provisions, electoral procedures, and electoral events for 170 countries in the period 1960-2012
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataUfahamu Africa
Life and politics on the continent.
Podcasts | African Politics | Link Infodata

dataRules of Court of Appeals of Georgia
Needs description
Legal Research | Link Infodata

dataCooperative Congressional Election Study
The first truly large-scale academic survey project aimed at studying the midterm Congressional elections.
Data Sites | Voting & Elections | Link Infodata

dataMatt A. Barreto
UCLA, see data archive.
Authors | Am. Politics | Link infodata

dataAfrican Journal of Political Science and International Relations
Early View/Latest Articles
Research on politics and international relations especially those pertaining to Africa.
Poli Sci Journals | African Politics | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Conflict Resolution
Early View/Latest Articles
Links to replication data in tables of contents.
Journal Archives | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataFlowing Data
Nathan Yau explores how statisticians, designers, data scientists, and others use analysis, visualization, and exploration to understand data and ourselves.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataTibet Issue, The
Discussion about contemporary political issues in Tibet.
Blogs | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
What is real property?
Ownership of land.
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dataAndrew Martin
Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Authors | Law & Courts | Link infodata

dataInternational Courts Data
A portal for students and scholars interested in the empirical study of international courts.
Data Sites | Law & Courts | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Politics
Early View/Latest Articles
Published for the Southern Political Science Association.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataOpen Event Data Alliance
A consortium committed to facilitating the development, adoption and analysis of social and political event data.
Data Sites | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataAmerican Political Science Review Dataverse
Replication datasets for articles published in APSR
Journal Archives | Link Infodata

dataFully Automated
A show for people interested in power, resistance, and critical thinking hosted by Nicholas Kiersey, Professor of Political Science at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataWeb Resources for Field Experiments: Design, Analysis, and Interpretation.
Datasets and sample code for 2012 book by Gerber and Green.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataInternational Security
Published articles on the full range of contemporary security issues. Its articles address traditional topics such as war and peace as well as more recent dimensions of security.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataPolitical Violence at a Glance
Experts answer questions about violence happening around the world and offer simple, straight-forward analysis before anyone else does.
Blogs | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataHistorical Index of Ethnic Fractionalization Dataset
An ethnic fractionalization index for 165 countries across all continents. The dataset covers annually the period 1945-2013.
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

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