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dataData Collections; Surveys
International Social Survey Programme
A continuous program of cross-national collaboration running annual surveys on topics important for the social sciences Link infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
What is an asymmetric measure of association?
Models the independent variable as the causal variable and the dependent variable as the effect.
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dataData Collections; Law & Courts
Supreme Court Citation Network Data
This page contains links to two sets of data on citations in the U.S. Supreme Court from the U.S. Reports. Link infodata

dataPodcasts; African Politics
Ufahamu Africa
Life and politics on the continent. Link infodata

dataAuthors; Comparative Politics
Nathan M. Jensen
Professor, University at Texas Austin Link infodata

dataJournal Archives
Journal of Information Technology and Politics
Replication for some articles in years 2008-2012. JITP home page. Link infodata

dataBlogs; European Politics
Party Systems & Governments Observatory Blog
Analysis of recent European elections. Link infodata

dataData Collections; Surveys
UK Household Longitudinal Study
Understanding Society is the largest longitudinal household panel study of its kind and provides vital evidence on life changes and stability. See data and documentation. Link infodata

P.S. You're Interesting
Host Jeffery A. Jenkins discusses new research in political science with special guests. Link infodata

dataWeb Site Soundtrack
Purple Line · Ben Böhmer
(8:00) Link infodata

dataPoli Sci Journals; Law & Courts
Ratio Juris
Early View/Latest Articles
A leading international journal of philosophy of law and general jurisprudence. Link infodata

dataTeaching Resources
Center for Systemic Peace's YouTube Channel
Great set of concise videos to supplement courses on international relations. Link infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: American Constitutional Law
What is police power?
The general authority of governments to pass laws to protect health, safety, welfare, and public morality. State governments possess general police police. The federal government is a limited government, however, and does not possess general police power. Federal laws must be based on enumerated (or implied or inherent) powers.
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dataPoli Sci Journals
American Political Science Review
Early View/Latest Articles
A flagship journal for political science research. Link infodata

New Books in Political Science
Interviews with political scientists about their new books. Link infodata

Center for Effective Global Action Blog
Comments on key issues related to poverty alleviation and global development. Link infodata

dataAuthors; Comparative Politics
Michael Laver
NYU Dept of Politics link infodata

dataData Collections; Surveys
Public Religion Research Institute
A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to conducting independent research at the intersection of religion, culture, and public policy. link infodata

dataTeaching Resources
Statistical Analysis Tutorial Videos by Mike Crowson
This channel is devoted to providing researchers and students with information on statistical concepts and procedures. Included are videos demonstrating how to carry out quantitative data analyses using various statistical platforms. Link infodata

dataAuthors; American Politics
Peter Enns
Cornell University, see research. link infodata

dataData Collections; American Politics
National Center for Education Statistics
The primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education Link infodata

dataJournal Archives; American Politics
State Politics & Policy Quarterly Dataverse
Growing collection of replication datasets, as early as 2013. Link infodata

dataAuthors; Comparative Politics
Arjan H. Schakel
Maastricht University Link infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to American Government
What is a precedent?
A court rule bearing on subsequent legal decisions in similar cases. Judges rely on precedents in deciding cases.
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dataData Collections
International social science resource, it informs not only on which data are out there and where they can be found, it also provides a qualitative assessement of these resources Link infodata

dataData Collections; American Politics
Political Institutions and Public Choice Program Data
Focused on the House of Representatives Link infodata

Social Media & Politics
A popular science podcast bringing you first-hand insights into how social media is changing the political game. Link infodata

dataPoli Sci Journals; Law & Courts
Criminal Justice Studies
Early View/Latest Articles
a quarterly refereed journal, publishes articles that deal with substantive criminal justice and criminological issues Link infodata

dataLegal Research
The Supreme Court Database
Definitive database for those interested in the U.S. Supreme Court. Link infodata

Ryan C. Maness
Naval Postgraduate School, see cyber conflict dataset. Link infodata

dataPoli Sci Journals
Political Communication
Early View/Latest Articles
Features research at the intersection of politics and communication. Link infodata

dataJournal Archives
Journal of Politics Dataverse
For articles published since 2015. Link infodata

dataTeaching Resources
Learn data analysis with Excel from clear examples and bite-sized videos. Link infodata

dataBlogs; African Politics
Review of African Political Economy Blog
Short articles to highlight developments on the continent and comment on the dynamics of protest, shifting patterns of political economy and issues of historical concern. Link infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to American Government
Who are County Commissioners?
County commissioners serve as the policy-making authority for the county, adopting ordinances and resolutions and crafting regulations pertaining to county government and county property. Most county commissions have between one and ten members.
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Thomas J. Leeper
Needs description Link infodata

dataData Collections; Comparative Politics
Institutions and Elections Project
contains information on de jure institutional provisions, electoral procedures, and electoral events for 170 countries in the period 1960-2012 Link infodata

dataPoli Sci Journals
Political Science Quarterly
A widely read and accessible scholarly journal on government, politics, and public policy. Link infodata

dataData Collections; European Politics
EU Open Data Portal
Provides access to an expanding range of data from the European Union (EU) institutions and other EU bodies. Link infodata

dataJournal Archives
World Politics Dataverse
Data relating to articles recently published in World Politics. Link infodata

dataPodcasts; American Politics
Politics Guys, The
Weekly podcasts from Michael Baranowski, Jay Carson, Trey Orndorff, Will Miller, Kristin Matheny, and Ken Katkin. Link infodata

dataTeaching Resources
R Graph Gallery
Hundreds of distinctive graphics made with the R programming language, always with the reproducible code snippet available. Link infodata

dataData Collections; American Politics
State Data and Policy Actions to Address Coronavirus
From the Kaiser Family Foundation. Link infodata

dataBlogs; American Politics
Michigan Policy Wonk Blog
Publicizes research relevant to state policymakers Link infodata

dataWeb Site Soundtrack
Abakus @ soundcloud
London artist, ambient electronic. link infodata

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