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Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems
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Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems
Complete resources for course, taught by Raj Chetty, on how 'big data' can be used to understand and solve important problems.data
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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to American Government
What is administrative law?
The body of law created by executive agencies with the purpose of refining general law passed in legislation.
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Bayesian Corruption Index, The
A composite index of the perceived overall level of corruption in countries around the world.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info

Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti Foundation
Applied and policy-oriented research on labor markets, immigration and welfare systems in Europedata
dataData Sites | European Politicslink info

Jim Campbell
Needs descriptiondata
dataAuthorslink info

Political Analysis Dataverse
Extensive collection of replication datasets, as early as 2009.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info

Tibet Issue, The
Discussion about contemporary political issues in Tibet.data
dataBlogs | Comp. Politicslink info

EU Open Data Portal
Provides access to an expanding range of data from the European Union (EU) institutions and other EU bodies.data
dataData Sites | European Politicslink info

The Political Theory Review
Conversations with scholars on recent books in Political Theory and Social and Political Philosophy.data
dataPodcastslink info

Brendan Nyhan
University of Michigan, replication datasets listed on web page.data
dataAuthors | Am. Politicslink info

Presidential Studies Quarterly
Early View/Latest Articles
Peer-reviewed political science journal devoted to study of presidents and presidency.data
dataPoli Sci Journalslink info

Free Code Camp
Our mission: to help people learn to code for free. We accomplish this by creating thousands of videos, articles, and interactive coding lessons - all freely available to the public.data
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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to American Government
What is a single-payer plan?
A plan under which one entity has a monopoly on issuing a particular type of insurance. Typically, the entity is the government, and the insurance is basic health coverage.
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Journal of Political Science
Published annually by the South Carolina Political Science Associationdata
dataPoli Sci Journals | Am. Politicslink info

Congress, Two Beers In
Government Affairs Institute's Senior Fellows discuss current congressional politics.data
dataPodcasts | Am. Politicslink info

Marginal Revolution
By Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrokdata
dataBlogslink info

Luke Keele
University of Pennsylvania, see dataverse pagedata
dataAuthors | Am. Politicslink info

Guide to Data on Developing Countries
Compiled by Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info

Mastering Econometrics
Free online course from MR University taught by Josh Angrist (MIT).data
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Supreme Court of Georgia
Needs descriptiondata
dataLegal Researchlink info

Institute for Health Metrics
An independent population health research center at UW Medicine, part of the University of Washingtondata
dataData Siteslink info

British J. of Political Science Dataverse
Replication datasets for BJPS articlesdata
dataJournal Archiveslink info

Global Terrorism Database
Open-source database including information on terrorist events around the world from 1970 through 2017, now includes more than 180,000 cases, from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorismdata
dataData Sites | Int'l Relationslink info

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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
What is multivariate cross-tabulation?
a procedure by which cross-tabulation is used to control for a third variable
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Supreme Court Database
the definitive source, contains over two hundred pieces of information about each case decided between 1946 and 2012.data
dataData Sites | Law & Courtslink info

Charles Stewart's Congressional Data Page
Great resource on Congressional Committeesdata
dataData Sites | Am. Politicslink info

Center for Global Development Podcast
Exploring smart policies for a better world.data
dataPodcastslink info

Jonathan M. Powell
Univ. of Central Florida, see coup d'etat dataset.data
dataAuthors | Int'l Relationslink info

Political Studies Review
Early View/Latest Articles
Peer reviewed political theory journal.data
dataTheory Journalslink info

Erik Voeten
Georgetown, see data pagedata
dataAuthors | Int'l Relationslink info

Review of African Political Economy
Radical analyses of trends, issues and social processes in Africa, adopting a broadly materialist interpretation of change.data
dataPoli Sci Journals | African Politicslink info

J. of Information Tech. and Politics
Replication for some articles in years 2008-2012. JITP home page.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info

Intro. to Empirical Legal Research
Web site for book by Andrew Martin and Lee Epstein, includes datasets for exercises.data
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Strange Maps
comments on all kinds of intriguing maps - real, fictional, and what-if onesdata
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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to American Government
What is an import quota?
A restriction imposed on the value or number of units of a particular good that can be brought into a country. Foreign suppliers are unable to sell more than the amount specified in the import quota.
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James Druckman
Northwestern University, see replication data on publications page.data
dataAuthors | Am. Politicslink info

Adjusted Interest Group Scores
From Tim Groseclosedata
dataData Sites | Am. Politicslink info

Election Law Journal
Peer-reviewed journal for up-to-date coverage of this evolving area of specialization.data
dataPoli Sci Journals | Voting & Electionslink info

Digital Society Project
Aims to answer some of the most important questions about the internet and politics, the DSP dataset is the product of a global survey of hundreds of country and area experts.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info

State Politics & Policy Q. Dataverse
Growing collection of replication datasets, as early as 2013.data
dataJournal Archives | Am. Politicslink info

Understanding Latin American Politics
Greg Weeks looks at the current political situation in Latin America and tries to make sense of it along with the help of experts on Latin American politics. data
dataPodcasts | Comp. Politicslink info

SPSS Tutorials
Great set of informative tutorials covering range of tasksdata
dataTeaching Resourceslink info

Acta Politica
One of the few truly international political science journals with a broad scope across the discipline (published by Springer).data
dataPoli Sci Journals | Comp. Politicslink info

Africa Research Institute Blog
Encourages debate, questions orthodoxy and challenges “received wisdom” in and about Africa.data
dataBlogs | African Politicslink info

7th Cir. Opinions and Oral Arguments
Search Federal Appeals Court records.data
dataLegal Researchlink info

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