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European Election Studies
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European Election Studies
About electoral participation and voting behavior in European Parliament elections.data
dataData Sites | European Politicslink info

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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
What is incarceration?
To put in or as if in prison; confine.
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Indian States Data
State-level data from India compiled by the Economic Organisation and Public Policy Programme at the LSE.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info

Social Alternatives
An independent, quarterly refereed journal which aims to promote public debate, commentary and dialogue about contemporary social, political, economic and environmental issues.data
dataTheory Journalslink info

Jason Lyall
Dartmouth College, see publications and data page.data
dataAuthors | Int'l Relationslink info

Political Analysis Dataverse
Extensive collection of replication datasets, as early as 2009.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info

CQ Researcher Blog
Early View/Latest Articles
Needs descriptiondata
dataBlogslink info

Correlates of State Policy Project
Aims to compile, disseminate, and encourage the use of data relevant to U.S. state policy research, tracking policy differences across and change over time in the 50 statesdata
dataData Sites | Am. Politicslink info

Science of Politics, The
Features up-and-coming researchers delivering fresh insights on the big trends driving American politics and policy today. In 30 minutes, you'll get beyond punditry to data-driven understanding.data
dataPodcastslink info

This is my go-to site for great music. It 20 channels offer a variety of ambient sounds, my favorites are Groove Salad and Space Station Soma, commercial free!data
dataBetter with Musiclink info

African Journal of Political Science and International Relations
Early View/Latest Articles
Research on politics and international relations especially those pertaining to Africa.data
dataPoli Sci Journals | African Politicslink info

Interactive Statistical Pages
A compilation of links to web pages that perform statistical calculations.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info

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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
What is a Judicial conduct commission?
Official body that investigates allegations of misconduct made against judges.
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J. of Law, Econ. & Organization
Early View/Latest Articles
An interdisciplinary journal which promotes an understanding of many complex phenomena by examining such matters from a combined law, economics, and organization perspectivedata
dataPoli Sci Journalslink info

Social Media & Politics
A popular science podcast bringing you first-hand insights into how social media is changing the political game.data
dataPodcastslink info

Chicago Booth Review
Needs descriptiondata
dataBlogslink info

David Mayhew
Yale University, see books with datasets.data
dataAuthors | Am. Politicslink info

Issue Correlates of War (ICOW)
A research project that is collecting systematic data on contentious issues in world politics.data
dataData Sites | Int'l Relationslink info

R Package Documentation
A comprehensive index of R packages and documentation, tools to run code online and embed samples.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info

Criminal Justice Studies
Early View/Latest Articles
a quarterly refereed journal, publishes articles that deal with substantive criminal justice and criminological issuesdata
dataPoli Sci Journals | Law & Courtslink info

Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive
Extensive coverage of many variables over time, full access requires buying license.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info

Japanese J. of Poli. Sci. Dataverse
Replication materials for articles published in JJPS.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info

Transitional Justice Research Collaborative
data on three primary transitional justice mechanisms - human rights prosecutions, truth commissions, and amnesties - for 109 democratic transitions in 86 countries around the world, from 1970-2012.data
dataData Sites | Law & Courtslink info

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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to American Government
What is the commission government type of municipal government?
Georgia has 535 incorporated municipalities and they have different forms of government. Commission government has a council chosen at large from the entire municipality. The commission is headed by a chairman selected from the body, usually on a rotating basis. Each commissioner assumes responsibility for overseeing a particular department of government.
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Public Religion Research Institute
A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to conducting independent research at the intersection of religion, culture, and public policy.data
dataData Sites | Surveyslink info

Adjusted Interest Group Scores
From Tim Groseclosedata
dataData Sites | Am. Politicslink info

Academic and the Activist, The
Explores political science through the lens of an Academic and an Activist.data
dataPodcastslink info

ICPSR Web Site
ICPSR maintains a data archive of more than 500,000 files of research in the social sciences, great place to start. Browse by topic.data
dataData Siteslink info

International Social Survey Programme
A cross-national collaboration program conducting annual surveys on diverse topics relevant to social sciences. data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info

Jose A Cheibub
Needs descriptiondata
dataAuthorslink info

Journal of Common Market Studies
Innovative peer-reviewed research on Europe and comparative regional studies.data
dataPoli Sci Journals | European Politicslink info

J. of Information Tech. and Politics
Replication for some articles in years 2008-2012. JITP home page.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info

Statistics with R
thumbnail preview
pop out Full course in advanced undergraduate statistics taught at Emory University by Courtney Brown.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info

Different View, A
From the International Association for Political Science Students.data
dataBlogslink info

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dataTeaching Assistant: Research Methods
What is a stratum?
a subgroup fo a population that shares one or more characteristics
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Barbara Walter
UC San Diego, datasets listed in selected publications section.data
dataAuthors | Int'l Relationslink info

International Labor Organization Statistics
The world's leading source of labour statistics.data
dataData Sites | Comp. Politicslink info

Electoral Studies
Early View/Latest Articles
International journal dedicated to the study of elections and voting in different parts of the world.data
dataPoli Sci Journals | Voting & Electionslink info

Election Passport
Provides free access to a rich dataset of constituency election results in 110 countries and territories throughout the world.data
dataData Sites | Voting & Electionslink info

Am. J. of Political Science Dataverse
Replication datasets for articles as old as 2012, datasets for many forthcoming articles.data
dataJournal Archiveslink info

Fully Automated
A show for people interested in power, resistance, and critical thinking hosted by Nicholas Kiersey, Professor of Political Science at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.data
dataPodcastslink info

Show Me Shiney
A gallery of interactive R web apps.data
dataTeaching Resourceslink info

Congress & the Presidency
Early View/Latest Articles
(Taylor & Francis) An interdisciplinary journal of political science and history that features articles on Congress, the President, the interaction between the two institutions, and national policy-making.data
dataPoli Sci Journals | Am. Politicslink info

Democracy Audit
Independent organisation based at the LSE for research into the quality and effectiveness of UK democracy.data
dataBlogs | European Politicslink info

World Integrated Trade Solution
Allows users to access and retrieve information on trade and tariffs, from the World Bank.data
dataData Sites | Int'l Relationslink info

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