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Jana K von Stein
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dataJana K von Stein
Australian National University, see data page
Authors | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Intro. to American Government
What is hard money?
Campaign funds that are given directly to candidates or parties to support a particular candidate, and thus subject to FEC regulations.
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A data base on leaders 1875 - 2004.
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataAguas Blancas (Chillout Mix)
Web Site Soundtrack | Link Infodata

dataJoshua A. Tucker
Authors | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataPolitical Science Research and Methods Dataverse
PSRM requires that authors make materials available to enable others to replicate the results of research.
Journal Archives | Link Infodata

dataAfrica Research Institute Blog
Encourages debate, questions orthodoxy and challenges “received wisdom” in and about Africa.
Blogs | African Politics | Link Infodata

dataTexas Politics Project, The
Publishes three to four statewide public opinion polls each year to assess the opinions of registered voters on upcoming elections, public policy, and attitudes towards politics, politicians, and government.
Data Sites | Am. Politics | Link Infodata

dataP.S. You're Interesting
Host Jeffery A. Jenkins discusses new research in political science with special guests.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Theoretical Politics
Early View/Latest Articles
An international peer reviewed journal one of whose principal aims is to foster the development of theory in the study of political processes.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataEuropean Political Science Review
Early View/Latest Articles
EPSR is wide-ranging, broad-minded and embraces all the key themes and approaches of the discipline and it is not restricted to any particular methodology or regional focus.
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataR Package Documentation
A comprehensive index of R packages and documentation, tools to run code online and embed samples.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
What is a contract?
An agreement, usually written, that affects the legal relationships between two or more parties.
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dataSocial Politics
the journal for incisive analyses of gender, politics and policy across the globe
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataForeign and Domestic
Hosts Will Andras and Dave Ebner discuss the domestic and international politics of U.S. national security.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataCouncil on Foreign Relations (CFR) Blogs
CFR is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher. Blogs represent the views of CFR fellows and staff and not those of CFR.
Blogs | Link Infodata

dataAljaz Kuncic
University of Ljubljana
Authors | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataUnited Nations Statistics Division
Compiles and disseminates global statistical information
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataR Companion to Applied Regression
Web site for book by John Fox and Sanford Weisberg.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataDartistics: Digital Analytics with R and staTISTICS
A resource for digital analysts who are interested in learning or expanding their knowledge of R and statistics.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataGlobal Conflict Risk Index
An index of the statistical risk of violent conflict in the next 1-4 years, exclusively based on quantitative indicators from open sources.
Data Sites | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataState Politics & Policy Quarterly Dataverse
Growing collection of replication datasets, as early as 2013.
Journal Archives | Am. Politics | Link Infodata

dataComputational Event Data System
Uses automated coding of news reports, focusing on the Middle East, Balkans, and West Africa, for statistical early warning models to predict political change.
Data Sites | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: American Constitutional Law
What did the Supreme Court hold in Proprietors of Charles River Bridge v. Proprietors of Warren Bridge (1837)?
The Court held that Massachusetts did not impair the obligation of its contract with the Charles River Bridge Company by chartering the Warren Bridge Company to operate a rival bridge. The Court held that Mass. neither gave exclusive control over the waters of the river nor invaded corporate privilege by interfering with the company's profit-making ability. In balancing private and public rights, the Court found that the community interest in creating new channels of travel and trade had priority.
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dataPresidency Research
Data and links compiled by George Edwards and Ohbet Cheon
Data Sites | Am. Politics | Link infodata

dataHarvard Election Data Archive
This archive contains data on election results, voting behavior, and electoral politics, with particular focus on the United States.
Data Sites | Voting & Elections | Link Infodata

dataTalking Politics
Weekly podcast from David Runciman of Cambridge Univ.
Podcasts | Link infodata

dataEthnic Power Relations Datasets
Data on ethnic groups’ access to state power, their settlement patterns, links to rebel organizations, transborder ethnic kin relations, and intraethnic cleavages.
Data Sites | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataNatCen Social Research
Britain’s largest independent social research agency.
Data Sites | European Politics | Link Infodata

dataLuke Keele
University of Pennsylvania, see dataverse page
Authors | Am. Politics | Link infodata

dataPolitical Studies Review
A peer-reviewed journal that provides a unique intellectual space for high-quality original research in political science and the study of politics in related fields
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Peace Research
Access to the datasets used by authors of articles appearing in Journal of Peace Research since 1998.
Journal Archives | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataStatistics and Probability Course
From Khan Academy, adapts to your level and tracks your progress
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataMischiefs of Faction
An independent political science blog featuring reflections on the party system
Blogs | Link Infodata

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dataTeaching Assistant: Judicial Process & Politics
What is bankruptcy?
Legal procedure under federal law by which a person is relieved of all debts after placing all property under the court
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dataChris W Bonneau
University of Pittsburgh, see dataverse page.
Authors | Law & Courts | Link infodata

dataReal Time Event Data / Phoenix
Event data on political and social events around the globe, along with the software and methodology needed to analyze the data.
Data Sites | Int'l Relations | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Women, Politics & Policy
Early View/Latest Articles
This peer-reviewed multidisciplinary, international journal presents the work of social scientists - including political scientists, sociologists, economists, and public policy specialists - who study the world through a gendered lens and uncover how
Poli Sci Journals | Link Infodata

dataState Antiquity Index
This dataset gives a score from 0 to 50 for the presence of a supra-tribal polity within the present-day boundaries of each of 149 countries.
Data Sites | Comp. Politics | Link Infodata

dataJournal of Experimental Political Science Dataverse
Contains replication data and other relevant files for articles published in the journal.
Journal Archives | Link Infodata

dataFully Automated
A show for people interested in power, resistance, and critical thinking hosted by Nicholas Kiersey, Professor of Political Science at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.
Podcasts | Link Infodata

dataHelipad Codex
Agent-based modeling in Python.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataCRAN Task View: Teaching Statistics
Information about R packages that assist with the teaching of statistics.
Teaching Resources | Link Infodata

dataHarvard University Press Blog - Political Science
News about HUP's political science publications
Blogs | Link Infodata

data11th Cir. Opinions
Published opinions online.
Legal Research | Link Infodata

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