What is an amicus curiae?Latin phrase for ''friend of the court.'' A person or group who has no right to appear in a lawsuit but is allowed to introduce argument, authority, or evidence to ensure that the court receives all relevant information.
What is arbitration?Submission of a dispute to a neutral party for resolution under an agreement by the parties to be bound by the decision.
What is a bail bondsman?Businessperson who obtains release on bail for persons held in custody by pledging to pay a sum of money if the defendant fails to appear in court as required.
Define caveat emptor.Latin phrase meaning ''let the buyer beware.'' A common- law doctrine that purchasers of goods must inspect them to avoid being cheated by merchants.

What is a class action?Lawsuit brought by one person or group on behalf of all persons in similar situations.
What is decisional adjudication?Court hearing that focuses on the quick resolution of uncomplicated legal and factual issues.
What is diagnostic adjudication?Court hearing largely devoted to determining the cause of a problem and devising the proper treatment to eliminate it or to mitigate its most damaging effects.
What is immunity?Grant of exemption from prosecution in return for evidence or testimony.

What are interest groups?Collection of persons who share some common interest or attitude, who interact with one another directly or indirectly, and who ordinarily make demands on other groups.
What is legal mobilization?Process by which a legal system acquires its cases.
What is mediation?Process whereby a neutral third party intervenes in a controversy to assist the parties in achieving a resolution. The mediator may only recommend, not impose, a settlement.
What is a nolle prosequi?Ending of a criminal case because the prosecutor decides or agrees to stop prosecuting. When this happens, the case is ''nollied,'' ''nolled,'' or ''nol. prossed.''

What is policy litigation?Future-oriented lawsuit with numerous parties, in which the plaintiff seeks changes in future behavior and the outcome affects more than the immediate litigants.
What is procedural adjudication?Court hearings that reflect the adversarial system of justice with a heavy reliance placed on formal rules of evidence and procedure.
What is a pro se party?Litigant who represents himself or herself without counsel.
What is routine administration?Matter that presents the court with no disputes over law or fact.

Small- claims court? Lower- level court whose jurisdiction is limited to a specific dollar amount (for example, damages may not exceed $1,500).
What is a test case?Lawsuit brought to clarify, overturn, or establish a legal principle. Usually sponsored by an interest group.
What is traditional litigation?Retrospectively oriented lawsuit with two parties, in which the plaintiff seeks relief for the past behavior of the defendant and the outcome affects the immediate litigants.