What is a case?General term for an action, cause, suit, or controversy, at law or equity.
What is a cause (cause of action)?Case, lawsuit, litigation, or action - civil or criminal.
What is a count?Each separate offense of which a person is accused in an indictment or an information.
What are courts?Institutions where judges and juries resolve disputes based on law.

What is a court decision?Determination by a court that settles a controversy.
What is incompetent testimony?Testimony that cannot be admitted in evidence, such as hearsay evidence.
What is judicial review?Power of a court to declare acts of governmental bodies contrary to the Constitution null and void.
What is a jury?Group of persons summoned and sworn to decide on facts at issue. The use of the word jury by itself refers to the petit (that is, trial) jury rather than the grand jury.

What is law?Body of rules enacted by public officials in a legitimate manner and backed by the force of the state.
Define legal.Conforming to the law; according to the law; required or permitted by law; not forbidden by law.
What is legislation?Rules of general application, enacted by a lawmaking body. Most often the term is used to refer to a statute.
What are litigants?Parties to a court case.

What is litigation?Lawsuit or a series of lawsuits.
Who is a minor?Person or infant who is under the age of legal competence. The age varies by area of law, under twenty- one in some states; under eighteen in others.
What is political science?The systematic study of government and politics.
Define politics.According to David Easton (1965, p. 50), politics is ''the authoritative allocation of values for a society.''

What is rape?Unlawful sexual intercourse, by force or without legal or factual consent.
What are social theories of law?Theories of jurisprudence that view law as part of the larger social order rather than in moral, ethical, or logical isolation.
What is a stay?An order halting or suspending further judicial proceedings. Appellate courts sometimes issue a stay to suspend action in a lower court while the upper court considers the case.
What is a suit (lawsuit)?Court action of any kind in either law or equity.

Define vacate.To make void or annul. Appellate courts some-times vacate a lower- court decision, requiring the lower court to reconsider the case.
What is a writ?Written court order commanding certain action(s).