What is an ambiguous question?a question containing a concept that is not defined clearly
What is a branching question?a question that sorts respondents into subgroups and directs these subgroups to different parts of the questionnaire
What is a close-ended question?a question with response alternatives provided
What is a double-barreled question?a question that is really two questions in one

What is a filter question?a question used to screen respondents for whom the questions are appropriate
What is a focused interview?a semistructured or flexible interview schedule used when interviewing elites
What is interviewer bias?the interviewer's influence on the respondent's answers; an example of reactivity
What is interviewing?interviewing respondents in a nonstandardized, individualized manner

What is a leading question?a question that encourages the respondent to choose a particular response
What is an open-ended question?a question with no response alternatives provided for the respondent
What is a push poll?a poll intended not to collect information but to feed respondents (often) false and damaging information about a candidate or cause
What is questionnaire design?the physical layout and packaging of a questionnaire

What is the question-order effect?the effect on responses of question placement within a questionnaire
What is randomized response technique (RRT)?a method of obtaining accurate answers to sensitive questions that protects the respondent's privacy
What is response quality?the extent to which responses provide accurate and complete information
What is a response rate?the proportion of respondents selected for participation in a survey who actually participate

What is the response set?the pattern of responding to a series of questions in a similar fashion without careful reading of each question
What is sample-population congruence?the degree to which sample subjects represent the population from which they are drawn
What is a single-sided question?a question with only one substantiative alternative provided for the respondent
What is a survey instrument?the schedule of questions to be asked of the respondent

What is a two-sided question?a question with two substantiative alternatives provided for the respondent