What is an affidavit?Sworn, written declaration.
What is alternative dispute resolution (ADR)?Less adversarial means of settling disputes that may not involve a court.
What are compensatory damages?Money awarded to a person for actual harm suffered.
Define liable.Responsible for something (such as harm done to another person). Having a duty or an obligation enforceable in court by another person.

What is negligence?Theory of tort recovery involving a legal duty, a breach of duty, proximate cause, and injury.
What is product liability?Theory of tort recovery that imposes liability on the manufacturer, seller, or distributor of dangerous products for injuries sustained by consumers and bystanders who use the product.
What is slander?Defamation that is spoken or not preserved in permanent form.
What are statutes of limitations?Statutes that prescribe the time period in which lawsuits must be filed.