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This page compiles links to academic journals that publish research on public administration. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all journals related to politics, policy and administration, but rather journals that publish articles in my fields of interest.

Public Administration Journals (Alphabetical Order): add | print urls

1. Administration & Society Academic journal on public and human service organizations, their administrative processes and their effects on society. edit
2. American Review of Public Administration An academic journal in the field of public affairs and public administration edit
3. Governance a forum for the theoretical and practical discussion of executive politics, public policy, administration, and the organization of the state edit
4. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management This journal encompasses issues and practices in policy analysis and public management. edit
5. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory edit
6. Public Administration Review A premier journal in the field of public administration research, theory, and practice. edit
7. Public Management Review PMR promotes the dissemination and discussion of such research about public management. Its target audience is the academic and research community. edit
8. Public Policy and Administration original peer-reviewed material within the broad field of public policy and administration edit
9. Regulation & Governance serves as the leading platform for the study of regulation and governance edit
10. State and Local Government Review Official journal of the Section on Intergovernmental Administration and Management (SIAM) of the American Society for Public Administration edit

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