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Gunmen raid trains demanding money and taking prisoners. government officials run human trafficking rings. police find the bloodied bodies of slain immigrants on an abandoned ranch. allegations from authorities paint a bleak picture of life for thousands of Central Americans heading to the United States through Mexico.

Text Analysis:
Number Words: 47
Number Sentences: 4
Words per Sentence: 11.75
Total Number Syllables: 85
Three Syllable Words: 12
Three Syllable Proper Nouns: 3
Syllables per Word: 1.81
Total Letters: 270

Reading Level Measurements:
Flesch Kincaid Grade Level: 10.35
Gunning Fog Score: 12.36
Coleman-Liau Index: 18
SMOG Index of Text: 11.7
Automated Readability Index: 11.5
Average Grade Level Score: 12.782

Work/Keyword Analysis:
Number Keywords Analyzed: 28
Threshhold: 1.6785714285714 (min. = 1)

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