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lawLaw, Courts & Justice
US Circuit Courts Data
This is a collaborative research project to analyze a representative sample of US Circuit Courts of Appeals opinions issued between 2010 and 2016.
Conduct cross-tabulation analysis of sample of cases decided 2003-2010.

dataJournal Replication Data; International Relations
International Interactions Replication Data
Replication data, beginning with volume 36, issue 2 of 2010, current through at least 2018.data

dataStatistical Data Collections; Comparative Politics
Comparative Agendas Project
The Comparative Agendas Project collects and organizes data from archived sources to track policy outcomes across countries. See dataset codebooks.data

ampolAmerican Politics
Abraham Lincoln's Positions on Roll Call Votes
37th: House Senate
38th: House Senate
39th: House Senate
More Presidents' Roll Call Positions

dataAuthor Replication Data
Paul Huth
Needs descriptiondata

dataStatistical Data Collections; Comparative Politics
British Election Study
Long term studies of Britain's electoral behaviour.data


dataStatistical Data Collections; Comparative Politics
LIS Cross-National Data Center
A data archive and research center dedicated to cross-national analysis, home to two databases: Luxembourg Income Study and Luxembourg Wealth Study.data

dataStatistical Data Collections; American Politics
Voteview (UCLA)
Allows users to view every congressional roll call vote in American history on a map of the United States and on a liberal-conservative ideological map.data

publicationMy Publications
Institutional Control of Redistricting and the Geography of Representation (with Michael Crespin, Ryan Williamson, and Maxwell Palmer)
The Journal of Politics (2017).


dataWeb Site Soundtrack
R.E.L.A.X. Electronic Mix
Featuring Nu, Oceanvs Orientalis, Bedouin, Mira & Christopher Schwarzwalderdata

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dataPolitical Science Journals
Constitutional Political Economy
a forum for research in the broad area of constitutional analysis, which lies at the intersection of several approaches in modern economics.data

dataTeaching Resources
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Econometrics Course Videos
A full course at undergraduate level in short, blackboard videos by Ben Lambert (part 1 of 2).data